Exited Companies

Oxtox Acquired by Alcolizer Pty Ltd.2016
NaturalMotionSold to Zynga2014
MuOxSold to Summit2013
ClinoxWound Up2013
IXO TherapeuticsWound up2013
Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium Wound up2013
OxEpiWound Up2012
MindweaversWound Up2011
EKB TechnologyWound Up2011
Oxford Financial Computing Wound up2011
Glyco FormWound Up2010
ProlysisAssets sold to form Biota Europe 2009
Bioanalab Acquired by Millipore 2009
Oxford BiosensorsLiquidated2009
T+MedicalAcquired by Oxford Bio Signals Ltd (now OBS Medical)2008
AUC SensingWound up2008
OxlocAcquired by Cybit Plc.2008
AvidexAcquired by Medigene AG for £37m2007
Oxford ArchdigitalLiquidated2007
Oxford Medical DiagnosticsAcquired by Avacta Plc. for £3m 2007
Oxxon TherapeuticsAcquired by Oxford Biomedica Plc. 2007
G-nostics Sold to founders2006
Novarc Liquidated2006
Oxford Bee CompanyLiquidated2006
Surface Therapeutics Ltd. Acquired by Serentis Inc. 2006
Zyentia Liquidated2006
Synaptica Sold to founders2004
Mirada Solutions Ltd. Acquired by CTI Molecular Imaging Inc. for $23m 2003
Oxford Asymmetry Int Plc. Acquired by Evotec AG for £316m2003
Oxford GlycoSciences Plc. Acquired by Celltech for £102m2003
PowderJect Pharmaceuticals Acquired by Chiron Corporation Inc. for £550m2003
Opsys Ltd. Acquired by Cambridge Display Technology Plc.2002
Sense Proteomic Ltd. Acquired by Procognia Ltd.2002
Third Phase Ltd. Acquired by Cmed Technology Plc.2002
Dash Technologies Acquired by Celoxia Plc.2001
Oxford Molecular Sold to Pharmacopeia .2000
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