The portfolio currently consists of 84 companies. Four of these are listed on AIM, one on LSE and two on NASDAQ, the others are displayed by sector. Since 2000 around 5 companies a year have been added to the portfolio. If you would like to learn more about any of the companies in the current portfolio please contact us or refer to the linked company website addresses.


Company Nature
CytoxPre-symptomatic diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
Oxford BiodynamicsDetection of aberrant gene expression (prognosis and diagnosis)
Oxford Cancer BiomarkersApplication of Cancer-Nav screen for stratification of patients
Oxford Impedance DiagnosticsNew impedance technologies which have the potential to change diagnostic pathways for many diseases, reducing healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes
Oxford MedistressObjective, quantitive measurement of stress
Perspectum DiagnosticsA new scan technology that uses standard MRI technology and costs half as much as a biopsy

Med Tech

Company Nature
Intelligent Ultrasound3D Fusion Ultrasound technology platform software solution providing enhanced image quality and a wider field of view
OrganoxPortable device to preserve livers for transplantation for up to 3 days
OrthoxDeveloping tissue regenerative implants through Proprietary technology, FibroFix™: a natural biomaterial which is uniquely suited to addressing injuries to cartilage and meniscal tissues
Oxehealth LtdNovel technology enabling a digital camera to monitor the vital of patients in artificial light, without the need for any additional hardware
OxEMLThe OxEML system uses electromagnetic and acoustic waves to create a new class of medical images to help doctors detect cancers
Oxford BiomaterialsVariety of applications derived from knowledge of the nature of spider silk
Oxford EndovascularDeveloping tiny metallic mesh tube devices to treat patients suffering from brain aneurysms
OxSight Development of technologies that enhance vision for people with sight impairment
OxSonicsOxSonics“UltraSpine” product provides a novel method of intervertebral disc repair, by enabling a minimally-invasive alternative to highly-invasive spinal fusion and disc replacement procedures
OxSynBioDevelops 3D printing techniques to produce tissue-like synthetic materials for wound healing and drug delivery
OxtexManufactures of anisotropic self-inflating tissue expanders
Particle TherapeuticsNeedleless delivery of therapeutic molecules across the skin
Xerion HealthcareNanoparticles for cancer therapy, imaging and drug delivery

Pharma Tools and Services

Company Nature
AuroxConfocal microscope products and pathology slide scanner technology
CN Bio InnovationsCommercialising microbioreactor technology to improve drug discovery and stem cell culture
CrysalinAnalysis of protein structures for proteins which cannot be easily crystallised
InhiboxVirtual screening of molecules against protein targets
Oxford Gene TechnologyVarious services related to drug discovery and diagnosis(based on microarrays)
Oxford NanoImagingTechnology that detects biomolecules such as protein markers for disease or pathogenic bacteria and viruses at single copy numbers, using fluorescence labelling
Oxford Nanopore TechnologiesNovel DNA sequencing technology

Drug Discovery

Company Nature
Argonaut Therapeutics Developing novel epigenetic therapies targeting arginine methylation in cancer
Atopix TherapeuticsDeveloping anti-inflammatory medicines to treat asthma and other chronic allergic conditions
CelleronDeveloping targeted cancer medicines
ChronosDeveloping novel proprietary drugs with specific therapeutic effects on newly discovered biological mechanisms of age related diseases
EvOx Therapeutics Harness the body’s own precision communications system to deliver drugs to specific parts of the body, including those affecting the brain, as well as autoimmune diseases and cancers
ImmunocoreT cell receptor technology platform to treat cancer and viral diseases
iOx Therapeuticsdevelopement of a novel cancer immunotherapy
NightStaRxGene therapy for choroideremia, a rare inherited cause of blindness and other retinal dystrophies
Orbit DiscoveryPeptide display company identifying potential peptide drugs for a range of chronic diseases
OxagenDiscovery of novel drugs for inflammatory diseases (lead programme based on GPCR receptor / asthma)
Oxford VacmedixOverlapping peptide vaccines using a natural expression system
OxstemDeveloper of cell programming therapies. Its unique approach to regenerative medicine will deliver small molecule therapeutics that activate repair mechanisms that already exist within the body
PharminoxDiscovery of small molecule anti-cancer drugs
ReOxTreatments for disease by modifying the effects of hypoxia
RiotechTherapeutics for viral hepatitis
SibeliusSibelius develops its own proprietary products and assists its partners in developing their nutraceutical and cosmeceutical product lines, all with the distinct activity of extension of cellular chronological lifespan.
Vaccitech development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines in a number of disease areas based upon a proprietary chimpanzee adenoviral vector delivery system

Other Health Care

Company Nature
C-medCRO supporting services with comprehensive information and data systems
DeonticsClinical Quality and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for use in any clinical healthcare environment whether primary, secondary or tertiary care, promoting evidence-based and personalised medicine
GenomicsDeveloping analytics and best-in-class genetic inference technologies to maximise the impact of DNA sequencing on health.
OBS MedicalDevelopment of a range of patient monitoring technology and software
OxitecEffective and environment-friendly techniques to control insect pests that are damaging to public health (sold to Intrexon in 2015)
Run 3DUsing advanced gait analysis to help understand the root-cause of injury in runners and provide long-term solutions
TΔSDeveloping ketone bodies as medical foods to increase physical and mental performance

Industrial applications / cleantech

Company Nature
Bodle Technologies revolutionary ultra-thin structures capable of manipulating light using electrical, optical or mechanical means
Designer Carbon Materials Company plans to cost-effectively manufacture commercially useful quantities of spherical carbon cage structures known as fullerenes or bucky-balls
First Light FusionDeveloping and commercialising new technologies in energy and process engineering
Kepler EnergyTidal energy power using innovative transverse horizontal axis turbine
MixergyCompany’s ambition is to develop domestic energy storage capacity and facilitate its operation within the existing power distribution infrastructure
NavetasSmart electricity meter offering fully itemised energy billing
Oxbridge PulsarsData communications systems using polarization synchrotron technology
Oxbotica3D imaging and localisation solutions operating indoors and outdoors and suitable for use in applications ranging from hand held survey devices to autonomous vehicles.
OXEMSElectromagnetic tagging and detection system for location of buried utilities
Oxford Advanced SurfacesDevelops and commercialises advanced materials and technology solutions using novel surface modification technology
Oxford Biotrans Produce high-value chemicals using patented enzyme technology
Oxford Flow Industrial pressure regulators using innovative technology, providing new levels of performance for natural gas transmission, water distribution and process industries.
Oxford Imaging Detectors Development of high performance scientific imaging detectors capable of studying structures and processes at the atomic level
Oxford Multi Spectraldevelops and manufacturers Multi Spectral Scanners based upon a patented flatbed scanner design.
Oxford PhotoVoltaics Organic solar cells for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
OxonicaNanomaterials company with interests in fuel additives, diagnostics, materials and security
SalundaDesigns non-contact electromagnetic sensors based on patented RF technology
Yasa MotorsBreak through high power-to-weight motors

Other technology (inc. software)

Company Nature
Animal DynamicsThe company aims to develop solutions to engineering problems which are inspired by nature e.g. how to move fast through water.
Diffblue Diffblue automates significant parts of the debugging process, namely the writing of software tests
Fuel 3DDeveloped the Fuel3D handheld scanner,a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system that captures extremely high resolution mesh and color information of objects
Mind Foundry A software that uses advanced algorithms and techniques to solve problems
MinervationSoftware and web site developer - Specialises in producing and disseminating accessible, usable and reliable health information
Mixergy Mixery is Developing domestic energy storage capacity and facilitating its operation within the existing power distribution infrastructure
Navenio A revolutionary new approach to indoor positioning that combines data from mobile phone sensors with map information such as floor plans, and wifi “maps” where available, to give highly accurate location information without the need for any further hardware
OMassSpecializes in applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry platforms to characterize intact protein assemblies, often referred to as native mass spectrometry
OxCEPTOxCEPT has developed a cross-platform, front-end, mobile application and a back-end server system that provides an extra layer of security for transmitting data
Oxford AncestorsDNA-based services for personal ancestry research anywhere in the world
Oxford Consultants for Social InclusionConsultancy based on deprivation indices
Oxford MESTARTranslate and package medical and healthcare technologies for the Chinese market
Oxford RiskRisk analysis services
SemmleDevelopment of novel query languages and environments for complex hierarchical data such as the source of software systems
Wrapidity A highly scalable technology for the fully automatic exploration and classification of websites leading to the extraction of complex objects including cleaning and integration of those objects into a database covering all objects in any source website
ZegamiData discovery software to manage and sort collections of images and data visually

Listed companies

Company Nature
AdaptimmuneT cell therapy to treat cancer and infectious diseases (NASDAQ)
AvactaDetection and analysis of biological materials and chemicals (AIM)
Oxford BiomedicaGene therapy and immunotherapy (LSE)
Oxford ImmunotecDiagnosis and monitoring of infection (initially TB)(NASDAQ)
SummitDevelopment of medicines to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy and infections caused by the bacteria C. difficile (AIM)
VelocysVelocys for use in production of clean fuels and other renewables (AIM)

To view companies that are no longer part of the portfolio please see the Exited Companies page.

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